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High-performance pressure washers

As an experienced provider of car valeting supplies, we understand what you're looking for in your equipment. We pick powerful and well-priced products that we can deliver to you anywhere in Dorset and Hampshire. We can also provide smaller-scale domestic pressure washers.


At Wilcox Wash Supplies we import many of our cleaning and car valeting supplies from Germany, where efficient designs are coupled with Honda engines, producing a powerful yet cost-effective product. See below for some info about our top-selling ranges: Comet, Frank and Mac.

Get a high-quality, Honda-powered pressure washer for your business:

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• Hot and cold pressure washers

• High quality pumps

• Mobile units

• Imported for best value

• Ideal for commercial use

• All brass fitting for longer life

• Petrol engines by Honda


• German made

• 2 year standard warranty

• State of the art gun

• Improves machine's life

• Maximum working efficiency


• Stainless steel casing

• Very hard wearing

• High quality parts

• Long life machines

• A 'high use - high abuse' machine


A pressure washer compressor A pressure washer gun on a wet tiled floor